• 04/12/2014: Android version on sale.
  • 14/12/20140: iPhone version on sale.

Interactive animated e-book

Touch the screen to discover hidden features as you move through the story! Our animated e-book delivers a totally different experience to regular picture books and TV animation.

So many mini-games!

Play games like spot the difference and slide puzzles with cute illustrations and plenty of Poe!

Read aloud options and sound effects!

Curious kids will love the read aloud narration as well as all the music and sound effects!

Available in 4 languages!

This multi-lingual e-book contains English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Enjoy the story over and over again in many languages!

The brainchild of animation creator Tatsutoshi Nomura, STRAY SHEEP Poe made his debut in the 1990s on late-night Fuji TV. The cute but somewhat cynical world of Poe has become loved by many. Now Poe’s world is accessible through interactive animation for smart phones. A new and improved Poe is looking forward to meeting you all on a very different platform to picture books and traditional animation.

  • Title:STRAY SHEEP "Poe's Christmas"
  • Genre:Interactive e-book
  • Sales Price:2USD